Dhrishticone is a group of designers and visualisers offering multiple services largely to the architecture and real-estate industry. The organisation has been delivering quality services in the field of elevation design and visualisation since 1987. In its course of history, Dhrishticone has helped in giving an image to several real-estate projects and its developers in India through its elevation design and project visualisation services.

The core strength of Dhrishticone lies in the ability to convert ideas to images. Dhrishticone serves as a nourishing environment for its professionals to organize and innovate to serve the world of art and architecture.

Our vision is to grow into a service provider of choice among the people who seek quality and commitment. We strive to offer greater value to our clients by offering more and better value-added services to their needs.

Dhrishticone was founded in 1987 by Mr. Vijay Bargotra, a gifted illustrator and visualiser whose quest for excellence has helped Dhrishticone create a niche for itself and grow into a specialized service provider for the real-estate industry. It is on his principles that Dhrishticone was founded and serves the society.
“ It all started in a very humble way when my love for painting grew into a profession. I started making architectural perspectives for the architects and builders in Chennai and across India. I began my career with hand illustrations at a time when paper was the only available medium. Today life is blessed with multiple media and communication options. We have been constantly expanding our range of services to meet your demands and the changing needs of the industry. I hope you will enjoy our services as much as I have enjoyed watching you grow with the industry ”

Vijay Bargotra,
Founder, Dhrishticone.
Other Ventures
Faceliift™ was initiated by Dhrishticone to extend its elevation design services to existing homes and commercial establishments. Faceliift™ now offers elevation redesign, building extensions, interior upgrades and landscaping solutions to customers under a single umbrella. Faceliift™ provides 3D visuals to allow customers to preview the design for all services making it an unmatched value proposition in the industry. Faceliift™ services are offered across the country as a web / phone interactive service to enable servicing in remote areas as well.
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Dhrishticone Academy
Dhrishticone will soon be launching the Dhrishticone Academy for Architectural Presentation and Fine Arts. The academy will begin offering a Certification Program in Architectural Presentation in Chennai. The program is targeted at creating value for the design industry by creating talented professionals in the presentation and project visualisation domain. Dhrishticone Academy students will be will be groomed into professionals of project visualisation and presentation by imparting necessary communication skills, technical skills and essential project management knowledge. Course begins in October.
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