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Dhrishticone has been offering services to property developers, architects and home owners since 1987. Over the years, we have widened our range of services to meet the increasing demands of our clients. Dhrishticone‘s support services allow architects and developers to go beyond the nitty-gritties of project presentation to expand their business.

Dhrishticone personnel are well versed with the prevalent industry practices and can help offload presentation work without having to bother about staffing, hiring, workplace addition or procurement of software. Dhrishticone is also looking to create a complete platform to enable architects to outsource the design documentation process and focus on design and customer needs.

The services offered by Dhrishticone are.

Illustration and 3D Visualisation Services
Theme based art and consultancy services
Web Design and Management Services
Facade Consultation Services
Architectural services


Illustration and 3D Visualisation Services

Dhrishticone offers concept to completion visualisation support for your projects. We understand how important it is to showcase a concept to a client. Our presentation experts will generate the visuals required to give you the power to communicate your ideas effectively.


  • Concept imagery and visualisation
  • Photorealistic Rendered Illustrations
  • 3D Shaded elevations
  • 3D Interior Layout Presentation
  • Lighting and Material Visualisation for Interiors
  • Animated Walkthrough Presentations

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Theme based art and consultancy services

Dhrishticone offers art consultancy services to Architects, Interior Designers and Art lovers to add value to their interiors. Artwork offers a feeling of completeness and satisfaction. Artwork in the interiors inspires the users of the spaces to chase their dreams

Dhrishticone can help you identify the right kind of art for your interiors to complement the theme or even better, the right theme to complement your art. We offer Concepts, Custom Designs and Sourcing services for Artwork from Artists. We also have a team of artists who can be mobilized quickly. We also recommend the optimal lighting solution to highlight your art.

Popular Art Types for Interiors

  • Contemporary Wall Paintings
  • Murals and Graphic Artwork
  • Sculptures and Figurines
  • Metal Craft
  • Pottery
  • Antiques and relics
  • Crystals and Glassware


  • Visual previews for Art Concepts
  • Fast and easy mobilisation
  • Access to multiple art forms
  • Database of Popular and Local Artists
  • Liaisoning with Artists
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Web Design and Content Management Services

Dhrishticone offers specialised web management services for Architects and Project Website Development for Developers. We offer to design and manage your website to keep you on the edge with the market and update your content from time to time.


  • Impressive Graphic and Visuals
  • Integrated Flash browsers for showcasing your project images and animations
  • Search engine optimisation for higher listing in web search
  • Qualitative improvements to the Project Visuals
Facade Consultation Services

Dhrishticone has been offering Façade consultation services to the Architecture and Real-estate industry since 1987. In its course of history, Dhrishticone has helped in giving an image to several real-estate projects in India and a few abroad.


  • Boutique Elevations for your projects
  • Rich detailing
  • Fabrication instructions on request

Architectural services

I have been making perspectives for many architects and builders for many years; it was always a great fun to see the ideas of architects taking a shape of visual which could be well understood and appreciated by end users of the build forms.
As the time passed I was requested to suggest elevation modifications by some of architect friends and builders. With the time elevation designing became my passion and my ideas were well received and accepted. Slowly it was known that for great elevations one must go to vijay bargotra….

One day long back one client climbed the steps of my office, met me and said that he want a beautiful looking farm house and he also told me that he has been advised by his friends that I am the right person. That is how I started doing architectural designing. Even though most of our clients come to have a good form but function of build space, clients needs and aspirations has always been at the back of our mind as we design any build form.

My area of passion has always been architectural illustrations, façade designing and visual architecture.  To design and execute the build forms, I had to have a team of qualified architects, civil engineers and site supervisors. A compact team of highly dedicated professionals was lead by Ms. Ratna Satish (B. Arch. Hindustan College of engineering) for almost 10 years. We enjoyed working on our projects to serve our clients with the best of our creative abilities.
We have done some projects, some very small and some reasonably medium size.
Hope you will like them…
With warm regards…
Vijay bargotra


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